"Kleine Laborarbeit (ehem. AML)"

"Kleine Laborarbeit (ehem. AML)"

Course Category

Grundstudium / Bachelor

SemesterSummer Semester

Course Description

The IMPT offers the experiment "Investigation of the electroplating process in the context of the Kleine Laborarbeit (former AML)". In this experiment, a wafer is to be galvanically structured. Based on the measured data, the theoretical layer height is to be determined and compared with the measured layer height. Furthermore, the layer thickness distribution over the wafer surface has to be evaluated.

General Information

The experiments are carried out in the cleanroom laboratory of the IMPT, An der Universität 2, Garbsen (Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Hannover, PZH). The meeting place is the IMPT project room (room number 8113.11.19) diagonally opposite the IMPT secretariat (1st floor).

Usually, laboratories for a group of 6 persons are carried out on each day of the experiment.

At the beginning, a oral exam will be issued to check previous knowledge, which requires a thorough study of the script in advance. This is a prerequisite for participation in the practical part of the small laboratory work. Please pay attention to the announcements and the information on StudIP, there you will also find the latest script.

Up to date information on StudIP: