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Open positions at the IMPT

The Institute for Microproduction Technology not only offers jobs for young scientists, but also trainee positions and jobs for technical and administrative staff.

Student Assistant Positions (HiWi)

The institute offers  jobs as HiWi in different areas.  Announcements for HiWi jobs are listed below:

  • Student assistant wanted for the group Vacuum Technology

    For exciting and innovative projects in the field of microsystems technology we are looking for motivated student support. The range of tasks includes all aspects of development, fabrication and characterization of microsystems and their associated periphery. In the field of microsystems possible fields of activity are the design and simulative optimization (2D and 3D CAD) as well as the manufacturing in clean room and laboratory. In addition, the spectrum includes the validation of these microsystems. In connection with the periphery there are possible fields of activity in the electronics development, data processing and evaluation. Furthermore you are actively involved in the design, construction and integration of test experimental setups.


    • Degree programme: mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, electrical engineering, mechatronics, (technical) computer science, physics


    Please send me your informative application documents by e-mail to Leonard Diekmann.

    Topic Announcement
    PDF, 46 KB
  • Student assistant wanted for topics and projects in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Electronics, Simulation and Sensors

    You are interested in exciting and innovative projects in the context of novel sensor technology, electronics development, data acquisition and artificial intelligence?

    Are you looking for a student job with development opportunities towards a student thesis or a PhD?

    You are fascinated by these possible fields of activity: Sensor data fusion and pre-processing, edge computing, data acquisition, electronics development, data management, AI, sensor development, Internet-of-Things, Python, AWS, data warehouse, SQL databases, data mining, Matlab® & Simulink®, ANSYS®, smart sensors, hardware development, new sensor concepts, FPGA, software sensor technology, simulation, algorithmic optimization methods, particle swarm optimization, greedy algorithms, digital twin, deep learning, data science, big data, EAGLE, embedded systems.

    Then get in touch with Daniel Klaas and become part of a young and motivated team. We are interested in a long-term collaboration and offer you the opportunity to apply and develop your knowledge and skills in exciting research and industry projects.

    Requirements: Interested, independent students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, information technology, (technical) computer science, physics and comparable.

You are looking for topics for student projects? The announcements for bachelor, student and master theses can be found under the category Academia and the subcategory Thesis Topics. If you are interested in a specific topic not listed, you can also contact the research staff directly.

Research Associates

The Institute for Microproduction Technology offers young scientists the opportunity to participate in a highly innovative research area.

If one of the above job offers appeals to you or if you are generally interested in the field of microtechnology and are interested in our institute, please send us your complete application documents with

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • High School Diplomas
  • University Degrees (Bachelor/Master incl. transcripts)
  • Internship Diplomas/ Job References
  • other certificates

per mail or E-mail to:

Alexander Kassner, M.Sc.

Institut für Mikroproduktionstechnik
Produktionstechnisches Zentrum
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover

An der Universitaet 2
30823 Garbsen


A diploma/diploma (FH) or a master's degree is required for employment as a reserach associate. Within the scope of the work at the Institute for Microproduction Technology, a doctorate as Dr.-Ing. should be sought after.

Trainee Program: Industrial Mechanic

The Institute of Micro Production Technology offers  a three and a half year training as industrial mechanic annually (if available). The training starts on the first of August of each year and is based on the dual education system. In addition to school lessons, practical knowledge of manual and machine production in the workshop is imparted. If you have any questions, please contact our workshop manager Michael Weber.

  • Training

    In the base training time, manual activities such as filing, punching, bending, scribing, riveting and thread cutting are learned. In the area of "Manufacturing on conventional machine tools" the emphasis is on turning, milling, drilling and grinding. Building on this, training is given on controlled machine tools. During the training period, various practice parts are produced.

  • Practice Parts
    Bohrvorrichtung (Practice Part)
    Functional Model Sterling Motor
    Kettennietausdrücker (Practice Part)
    Kombinierte Bohrplatte (Practice Part)
    Bohrplatte (Practice Part)
  • Workshop Equipment

    In the workshop of the institute the following machines are available:


    • CNC 3-axis milling machine
    • CNC 5-axis milling machine
    • Drilling machines
    • Lathes, conventional
    • grinding machines


    Sheet metal forming:

    • Hand lever shears
    • Sheet metal guillotine shears


    Thermal processing:

    • Gas welding and brazing equipment
    • Plastic welding machine
  • Application

    We expect applicants to have good grades in mathematics, physics and chemistry. In addition, teamwork, manual skills, and an understanding of order and cleanliness. Please send written applications to Mr. Weber:

    z.Hd. H.-M. Weber

    An der Universität 2

    30823 Garbsen

Technical and Administrative Staff

Hiring: Engineer (m/w/d, FH-Diplom or Bachelor) with focus on microsystems technology or comparable field of study

The Institute of Microproduction Technology (IMPT) is hiring an engineer (m/f/d, FH-Diplom or Bachelor) in the field of microsystems technology or comparable field of study (EntgGr. 12 TV-L, 100 %) to be filled as soon as possible. For more details, please follow the link:

Job Posting (German)