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Our main research activities focus on the design and production-oriented fabrication of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) for applications in quantum technology, industry-related sensor technology and biomedical engineering. The core competences of the institute are thin film technology, structuring technology, packaging technology, mechanical processing and characterization of MEMS and MEMS materials.

Students Wanted

Projects in the context of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Electronics, Simulation and Sensors

The institute is looking for independent students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, information technology, (technical) computer science and physics interested in exciting and innovative projects in this context.

Colleagues Wanted

Projects in the context of microsystem manufacturing for quantum technology applications and in the field of sensor technology / artificial intelligence / data processing / electronics development

We are looking for motivated and independent colleagues as research associates interested in exciting and innovative third-party projects.

Report Dissertation Defense

New Dr.-Ing from the IMPT ranks

Last Tuesday, 12.04.2022, Mr. Sebastian Bengsch successfully passed his oral dissertation defense. The IMPT congratulates the new doctor! In the future, Mr. Bengsch will work on laser-structurable thermoplastics and their use in microsystems at the industrial partner Ensinger GmbH.

Infrastructure project funded

Hannover Alliance of Research on Diamond (HARD) funded through REACT-EU!

The IMPT, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Uwe Morgner (Institute of Quantum Optics, IQO), Prof. Dr. Michael Kues (Institute of Photonics, IOP), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Wurz (DLR Institute of Quantum Technology, University of Ulm), the Institute of Solid State Physics at the PTB Braunschweig and the AG Paasche (VIANNA, Medical School Hanover), has obtained a grant of 2.6 million euros for the expansion of regional infrastructure for research on the material diamond. In the infrastructure project "Hannover Alliance of Research on Diamond (HARD)", equipment for the production, structuring, and integration of diamond coatings will be procured and put into operation. With these measures, which are financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the REACT-EU initiative, the infrastructure for diamond research will be significantly expanded. Future research topics in the fields of production technology, optics, quantum optics and gravitational physics, as well as biomedical technology will be supported.

Research Project

Successful completion of the research project "Deep drawing with a thin-film inductive sensor for monitoring flange draw-in (AiF/FOSTA 20468N)”

At the end of the year 2021, the IGF research project "Deep drawing with a thin-film inductive sensor for monitoring flange draw-in" was successfully completed. In this project, in cooperation with the Institute of Forming Technology and Maschines (IFUM), a new type of inductive sensor for measuring the flange pull in deep drawing processes was developed and tested. The sensor system extends the state of the art in the field of monitoring forming processes and offers a robust and at the same time reliable possibility for process monitoring.

phi - Production Technology Hanover informs

Development of a piezoelectric force sensor array

Measuring smallest forces precisely and within a very short time: This challenge is currently being researched by the Institute of Micro Production Technology (IMPT) in cooperation with the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research (IDS). The sensors used in this application are made of piezoelectric materials.

phi - Production Technology Hanover informs

Additive manufacturing at the IMPT: New metal 3D printer in use

A new metal 3D printer is now in use at the Institute of Micro Production Technology (IMPT). It will manufacture complicated geometries which are not possible to achieve with conventional manufacturing processes. The researchers plan to use the printer for prototyping of vacuum components, among other things.

Change of Mangement at the IMPT

Marc Wurz receives professorship offer at the Universität Ulm

Dr.-Ing. Marc Christopher Wurz, previously the senior engineer at the Institute of Microproduction Technology (IMPT), has been appointed professor at Ulm University, specifically at the German Aerospace Center - Institute of Quantum Technologies (DLR QT). However, he will remain at the IMPT as an external assistant lecturer and continue his research projects here. Folke Dencker is the new senior engineer and also takes over deputy management.

Dissertation Defenses

New Dr.-Ings. from the IMPT

On April 20 and 21, three of our current and former scientific employees, Mr. Daniel Klaas, Mr. Matthias Kaiser, and Mr. Esmail Asadi, were successfully awarded their doctorates. Their dissertation defenses were streamed live via Webex. The IMPT congratulates the three new Dr.-Ing.s!

A word of thanks!

IMPT wins Ilse-ter-Meer Award 2020

The Ilse-ter-Meer Award honors projects and initiatives in the areas of equal opportunities for women and men, diversity and family service. It is awarded for outstanding and sustainable projects, individual events or promotional measures. This year's Ilse-ter-Meer Award 2020 went to the "Mädchen und Technik" -Tag (MuT) organized by Selina Raumel and Rico Ottermann.

More News?

News of SCALE

The shell building is ready!

A new building is being constructed next to the Hannover Center for Production Technology (PZH) for research into production technology in XXL format: the SCALE research building. The shell is in place, now the roof and facade will follow, then the interior. The opening is planned for fall 2022.