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Our research activities focus on the design and manufacturing of actuators and sensors (MEMS - Micro Electromechanical Systems), the mechanical processing and characterization of MEMS and MEMS materials as well as the determination and adaptation of tribological properties. The research and development activities range from magnetic field sensors to measuring systems and micromotors as well as actuators for the manipulation of microoptical lens systems to biomedical applications.

Applications due on March 19th

Scholarships for PhDs

The Hannover School for Nanotechnology (hsn) invites applications for PhD scholarships on nanomaterials and quantum technologies for digital transformation. From June 2020 up to 15 new Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Scholarships will be awarded. Students can apply until March 19th, 2020.

phi - Production Technology Hanover informs

How to use plastic injection molding for optical platforms

Manufacturing high-precision microsystems quickly and cost-effectively: The IMPT is working on it. Based on plastic injection molding and various coating techniques, an optical platform is being created on which many members of the PhoenixD Cluster of Excellence can rely.