The IMPTs main areas of expertise

We cover all aspects of microtechnological components: From thin-film technology, precision machining and the necessary assembly and connection technology for system integration, to microtribological characterization.

Thin Film Technology

The field of thin film technology includes the design of microsystems/MEMS (sensors, actuators) by finite element methods (FEM) and the manufacturing by thin film processes. The technologies used here include photolithography as well as coating and etching processes.


Mechanical Micro Machining

In the field of mechanical micro machining, various processes are used. On the one hand, cutting-off and profile grinding processes are carried out for high-precision separation and profiling of micro-components made of ceramics, glass and silicon. On the other hand, nano-grinding and lapping processes are carried out for high-precision surface treatment of brittle-hard materials and the creation of micrographs. Furthermore, processes for the production of surfaces of high quality as well as the planarization of wafer surfaces of material combinations by polishing and chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) are performed.


Packaging and Interconnection Technologies

At the Institute of Microproduction Technology several aspects of AVT are investigated, developed and applied in the field of packaging and interconnection technology for the functional verification and characterization of manufactured sensors and actuators. The work carried out here concerns electrical contacting, joining/connection and micro-assembly of components.


Micro Tribology

In the field of microtribology, for example, wear investigations are carried out on a rotary wear measuring stand using the pin-on-disk method for flat microcontact. Furthermore, investigations on microhardness and Young's modulus as well as the representation of (adhesive) friction of thin layers by means of nanoindentation and scratch investigations are carried out. The breaking strength of coatings is determined by means of acoustic emission. Additionally, analyses of friction forces in microcontact are performed.