Microtribology is concerned with the mechanical behaviour of homogeneous materials in the sub-µm range. Among other things, the modulus of elasticity, hardness and friction coefficient of sliding surfaces are measured.

The tribiondenter of the company Hysitron is used at the IMPT to determine and analyze the layer properties of metals, oxides and plastics (photoresists). Another field of activity in micro- and nanotribology is the analysis of solid materials that cannot be characterized in macro- and microhardness measurement methods, only with great effort. Ceramic and crystalline materials such as silicon, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide are of particular interest here. Furthermore, wear investigations are carried out on a rotary wear measuring stand using the pin-on-disk method for flat microcontact. This test rig is used to analyse existing and new concepts for hard disk systems on magnetic basis for wear.

Technical Equipment

Special instruments are available at the institute for the characterization of materials with regard to their microtribological properties.