Doctoral Seminar

Course Category Seminar
Level Doctoral Studies

Sommer Semester

Winter Semester

Course Goal

In addition to writing the dissertation itself, an important part of the doctoral work is the acquisition of sound scientific knowledge and relevant scientific working methods. This includes the often underestimated skills of writing, self-organisation and scientific work. The aim of the seminar is to gain a broad overview of the Institute's research topics, familiarise doctoral candidates with the research methods used and promote critical academic discourse. In addition to the professional exchange, the seminar offers the opportunity to present one's own obsticles within the content of the dissertation and to further develop research questions. The seminar is supported by employees who have already completed their doctorates, senior engineers and the professor.

Course Content

The Institute's research associates present the content and progress of research projects and dissertation topics, as well as relevant technological developments and findings from conferences. The seminar takes place on six dates during the summer and winter semester.