Course Category

Hauptstudium / Master

SemesterSommer Semester
Creditpoints4 CP

Course Description

The IMPT offers the microtechnology laboratory as part of the master's programm in nanotechnology.

This laboratory is designed to provide an exemplary process chain for the thin-film production of microcomponents, which is intended to provide an understanding of the basic processes and procedures of microtechnology.

The processes UV- and electron beam lithography, and galvanic moulding are carried out by the students under supervision. The manufactured microcomponents are then examined and evaluated using the analysis methods REM and EDX.

General Information

The tests are carried out in the mechanical and cleanroom laboratories of the IMPT, An der Universität 2, Garbsen (Hanover Production Technology Centre, PZH). The meeting place is the IMPT project room (room number 8113.11.19) diagonally opposite the IMPT secretariat (1st floor).

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Summer Term 2024

Registration 01.04. - 29.07.2024 digitally on StudIP
Preliminary discussion and group allocation

29.07.2024, 10 - 12 a.m.

Building 8110, seminar room 2a/b

Experiment period 19.08. - 20.09.2024
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