"Mechatronische Systeme"

Course Category
Lecture and Tutorial

Hauptstudium / Master

SemesterWinter Semester
Creditpoints5 CP

Course Goal

The goal of this lecture is to provide a basic, general understanding of the analysis and handling of mechatronic systems. For this purpose, further methods are explained, based on the model building, in order to be able to use these models efficiently, e.g. for the later computer-aided application or a model-based control. Furthermore, functional principles of the sensors used in mechatronic systems are presented.

Course Content

  • Modeling
  • Discretization of time continuous systems
  • Transfer functions in the screen area (Laplace and Z transformation)
  • Bilinear transformation
  • Structural criteria (stability, observability, controllability)
  • Observer Draft Identification of dynamic systems
  • Introduction to filter theory (Kalman filter)
  • Sensors
    • Degrees of integration and requirements
    • Operating principles for measuring kinematic and dynamic variables
    • Speed and acceleration measurement systems
    • Micromechanical sensors.
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