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"Mikro- und Nanotechnik in der Biomedizin"

"Mikro- und Nanotechnik in der Biomedizin"

Course Category
Lecture and Tutorial

Hauptstudium / Master

SemesterWinter Semester
Creditpoints5 CP

Course Goal

The lecture gives an overview of the use of microsystems in biomedicine. The requirements and tasks of such systems as well as their applications in biomedical engineering are discussed. Besides a general overview of the fields of application, application-specific system solutions are presented.

Course Content

  • Biomaterials for thin film layers (metallic, ceramic and polymeric)
  • Biomedical sensors
  • Implants, prostheses and artificial organs in microtechnology
  • Tools of biotechnology
  • Tissue compatibility
  • Surface immobilization
  • Cell Sorting
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