Concurrent Engineering

Course Category
Lecture and Tutorial

Grundstudium / Bachelor

Hauptstudium / Master

SemesterWinter Semester
5 CP

Course Goal

The competitiveness of a company is largely determined by the speed at which new, customer-oriented products are brought to market (time to market). The aim of the lecture is to impart knowledge to shorten this time to market, which is achieved by networking product and process development. Furthermore, examples of the use of concurrent engineering in industry will be shown. The students learn how to develop and apply a concurrent engineering process.

Course Content

  • Strategies to minimize the time to market
  • Player in the product development process: Customers, internal company employees, suppliers
  • Concurrent engineering: Approach and application
  • Methods for increasing added value
  • Risk management and product integrity
  • The employee as professional or amateur: team and management concepts, time management
  • CE examples from the industry
  • Technology transfer and launch: Start of production at home and abroad

Recommended reading:

  • Parsaei: Concurrent Engineering, Chapman & Hall 1993
  • Bullinger: Concurrent Simultaneous Engineering Systems, Springer Verlag 1996
  • Morgan, J.M.: The Toyota Product Development System. Productivity Press 2006
  • Gausemeier, J.: Zukunftsorientierte Unternehmensgestaltung. Hanser Verlag 2009
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