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SFB 516 - A1 - Auslegung aktiver Mikrosysteme

SFB 516 – A1 – Design of Active Micro Systems

Year:  2011
Date:  03-01-10
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  bis 2010
Is Finished:  yes

The aim of subproject A1 is the design and thin-film production of a microstepping motor suitable for fine positioning in the nanometer range. The subproject is being carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Drive Technology and Power Electronics (IAL). The system is designed by the IAL. The contribution of the IMPT is the development of a manufacturing process and the thin film production of the micromotor. The components of the system to be manufactured are stator and rotor. The stator consists of a soft magnetic core with poles and a coil system wound around the poles to excite the magnetic flux. The rotor is passive and contains only the soft magnetic structures. The microstepping motor is manufactured in two versions: a pole-based version and a version with tooth structures on the stator poles, which enable fine positioning. Figure 1 shows the two variants of the micromotor, Figure 2 a light microscope image of the stator coil system with poles. Step-by-step operation has already been tested in functional tests. The simulated forces could be achieved in force measurements.