ResearchPast Projects


Year:  2014
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  2014 - 2017
Is Finished:  yes

Within the scope of this project, mechanical manufacturing processes as well as a combination of lithography and etching processes for the economical batch production of silicon carbide micro millers are to be developed and fundamentally investigated. In particular, the combination of lithography and etching processes should serve to produce the micro milling tools in large quantities in a single manufacturing step (batch process). At the beginning of the project, the micro millers are manufactured by purely mechanical machining steps (cut-off grinding strategies) in order to first analyse the effect of the most varied geometric details on their application behaviour . However, the later manufacturability in the batch process is already taken into account in the geometry design. Iteratively, application tests are carried out on two copper materials and component quality and tool wear behavior are characterized. The knowledge gained is incorporated into the development steps of batch production. The micro millers produced by the lithographic methods and the etching processes are characterized and further developed in several steps, similar to those produced mechanically, with regard to their application behavior. Based on these investigations, it will be possible to produce SiC micro tools in a batch process in order to qualify this promising material for micro milling.