Year:  2019
Date:  01-06-19
Funding:  BMWK
Duration:  2019 - 2022

Within the first joint project KACTUS, a new generation of atom chips could be developed at IMPT in collaboration with the Institute of Quantum Optics (IQ) and the Humboldt University Berlin (HUB), which are characterized by more suitable materials and better joining processes, so that this new atom chip generation is characterized by faster switching behavior and better vacuum properties. Based on this novel platform, further functions are to be added to the atom chips within the framework of KACTUS II, which, in addition to further miniaturization, will also result in a drastic reduction in the complexity of the overall structure. Here, the focus is on the investigation of new chip materials, the introduction of several current-carrying layers per chip and the improvement of the optical quality of the mirror layer for interferometric applications.