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Girls in Technology

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since 2017: Andreas Isaak



The Concept

The underlying problem that led to this concept was the successively progressing lack of skilled workers in the MINT fields (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology/engineering) in Germany. It is projected that, in the next decade, more engineers will retire without enough young career beginners following in their footsteps, which is a serious threat to Germany as a successful location for innovation. Therefore, it is imperative to motivate and enthuse especially women for technological professions. So far, only 11% of German engineers are females. To tackle this problem, the girls-in-technology congress takes places annually.

In concert with regional partners, such as the Agentur Hannover, the Region Hannover, the Lower Saxony Metal Foundation, the Hanover Public Transportation Services üstra, and other companies, as well as institutions and institutes from the Leibniz University Hanover and regional MINT-initiatives, the IMPT organizes the girls-in-technology congress every year. For the congress day, 100 young women are invited to the Hanover Center of Production Technology (PZH) to get a taste of “real technology atmosphere”. Due to the limited number of invitations, the congress offers room for one-on-one conversations, enough time for questions, experience exchanges, and talks. A focus during the congress are individual projects, where the participants have the chance to dive into the diversity of the MINT-fields. In addition, talk events with successful MINT-women and roles models provide inspiration and information about education and career paths.

Originally, the initiative for girls-in-technology came from the federal ministry of education and research (BMBF) sponsored federal project “mstfemINet meets Nano and Optics. Bundesweite Mädchen-Technik-Talente-Foren in MINT”. The IMPT was able to implement the concept with its regional partners and continues to build on the successes from previous congresses.

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