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Development of Microsystems

The Institute of Micro Production Technology has a high level of experience in the development of electromagnetic effect-based microsystems. The spectrum of microsystems stretches across various types of sensor (e.g. Eddy current sensors and AMR/GMR sensors) and magnetic microactuators (e.g. biomedical and optical actuator systems and micro motors). The development of the systems involves the design by means of analytical/network-based and technical simulation methods in terms of the existing production technologies at the IMPT. The production of the systems is performed in a Class ISO 5 cleanroom.

Offer Spectrum

The opportunities of a collaboration in research and development or in a small contract are diversified and the following works represent only an overview of the opportunities at the IMPT. For your specific needs, please contact Dr.-Ing. Marc Wurz. Of course, you can also get information about the research areas, projects and facilities at the IMPT.


  • Design of Microsystems

    • Analytic/Nework-based

    • Simulation-based with ANSYS ®

      • Execution of electromagnetic simulations

      • Execution of thermal simulations

      • Execution of structural mechanical simulations

    • Design of Photomasks

    • Production of Microsystems/Technology Research

      • Photolithography – Positive Photoresist (e.g. AZ®9260), Negative Photoresist (e.g. SU-8™, Polymide)

      • Coating – Electroplating, Sputtering, Vaporization

      • Etching Technology – Dry Chemical (DRIE, IBE, FIB) and Wet Chemical Etching (KOH, HF)

    • Characterization and Reliability Analyses