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Schärfen von Trennschleifscheiben für die mechanische Hochpräzisionsbearbeitung mittels Laserstrahlung

Sharpening of Cutting Wheels for Mechanical High-Precision Micro-Machining with Laser Radiation

Year:  2011
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  2010 - 2012
Is Finished:  yes

The aim of this project is the development and research of a laser-based process for sharpening metal bonded cut-off wheels during the cut-off grinding process in high-precision machining. In contrast to the mechanical sharpening process (inline dressing), sharpening by laser is only carried out when a certain degree of wear of the cut-off wheels is present. The development of this sharpening process requires research into laser-based ablation in the available process media (coolants and particles) and the thermal and mechanical effects on the grinding wheel. The assessment of the result is based on the condition of the cut-off wheel on the one hand and on the cut-off result on the other hand. The influence of beam shaping and beam position on the disk is of particular interest in geometric data. The creation of an analytical model for laser ablation allows to determine thermal influences and possible thermal peak loads. On the side of the cut-off wheel, the influence of the laser on the grinding wheel must be investigated, since the wheel dimensional accuracy has a decisive influence on the cut-off result. A continuation of this project towards an automated laser dressing process will be the next step.