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SFB 653- T05: Verfahren und Werkzeugsystem zur Applikation und Integration von substratlosen modularen Mikrosensoren

SFB 653-T05: Process and Tool System for the Application and Integration of Substrate-Free Modular Micro Sensors

Year:  2014
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  2013-2016
Is Finished:  yes

The main objective of the transfer project is to transpose the substrate-less sensor technology developed in subproject S1 into a production-oriented environment. With this goal, the results to date from basic research are evaluated in an industry-appropriate application and their suitability. This includes the development of a novel assembly and connection technology for the substrate-less modular microsensors developed in subproject S1 in order to adapt them to the requirements of application and system integration. In this specific project, the magnetic field sensors developed are therefore being further developed and tested in an ABS system in accordance with industrial requirements in terms of both design for processing and long-term stability.

The prerequisite for this is, on the one hand, a design and material adaptation of the previous microsensor supplemented by the development of a prototypical mounting system that guarantees an application and system integration of these innovative microsensors suitable for industry. As a developer and manufacturer of electromagnetic components for automotive and industrial engineering, ETO MAGNETIC GmbH has comprehensive expertise in the development and manufacture of such systems. As a company, ETO MAGNETIC GmbH not only manufactures individual components, which are used in large quantities by all well-known automobile manufacturers, but also has the necessary know-how for system development. Until now, the integration of magnetic field sensors has required a large number of assembly steps. These result on the one hand from the production of the actual sensor and the later housing. For each new installation situation either a new housing is necessary, which is not possible in most cases, or the installation situation must be adapted to the sensor.

In cooperation between ETO MAGNETIC and IMPT, the substrate-less magnetic field sensors are to be further developed so that they can be applied to any surface. This eliminates the need for time-consuming assembly and connection technology steps and improved system integration is now feasible.

As an application example, the system integration of a substrate-less magnetic field sensor into an industrially usable system for position detection will take place. The application envisaged here is the integration of the magnetic field sensor for use in an ABS system. Other potential fields of application for these sensors are length and angle measuring systems. To this end, the microsensor technology developed in subproject S1 will be analysed with regard to the materials and geometries of the carrier membrane and the punch tool that can be used in order to break new ground in system integration. The concept, consisting of sensor technology and mounting system, is intended to demonstrate a cost advantage over previous systems and achieve a reduction of the overall system. The electrical contacting of microsensors is a key task for connecting the microsensor to existing components or standardized interfaces. For the realization of industrially applicable microsensors, a suitable contacting method should be selected and the sensor design adapted to the industrial requirements.