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SFB 516 - B1 - Fertigung magnetischer Schichten für elektromagnetische Mikroaktoren

SFB 516 – B1 – Production of Magnetic Layers for Electromagnetic Microactuators

Year:  2011
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  bis 2010
Is Finished:  yes


Soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials are used in the construction of the electromagnetic microactuators. Within the scope of this project, suitable manufacturing processes and structuring methods of magnetic layers for integration into active microsystems are to be developed. For soft magnetic materials, a high permeability μr and saturation flux density Bs is aimed for, whereas for hard magnetic materials a high energy product (WxH)max is aimed for. These processes must be compatible with the other processes of the entire production.

Production Process

The soft and hard magnetic layers are produced using various processes. Conventional cathode sputtering (PVD), gas flow sputtering (GFS) and galvanic deposition are mainly used. In galvanic deposition, the desired structures are created by electroforming the photoresist using the photolithography process. Lift-off or etching processes are used to structure the layers deposited by PVD/GFS.

Analysis and characterization of the layer

The magnetic layers must be analyzed comprehensively. The following analyses will be carried out as part of this project:

  • Magnetic properties: VSM, BH-Looper, magneto-optical measurement
  • Mechanical properties: intrinsic tension
  • Layer composition: EDaX, WDX/EPMA
  • Cristallography: XRD