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Planare Optronische Systeme (PlanOS) - A05

Planar Optronic Systems (PlanOS) - A05

Year:  2014
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  2013-1017
Is Finished:  yes
Further information

With the start of the first funding period, the German Research Foundation is supporting the interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 123 Planar Optronic Systems (PlanOS) with almost ten million euros. The participating institutions in Hanover, Freiburg, Goslar and Braunschweig have set themselves the goal of producing completely polymer-based and large-scale sensor networks that can completely do without electronic components. The subprojects research suitable material systems for the construction of optical fibers, radiation sources, spectrometers and other detectors. These investigations are supplemented by the simulation and development of concepts for signal generation, transport and processing in sensory networks.