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Magnetoelastische Sensoren für die Überwachung von mechanischen Verformungen an der Grenze Faser-Matrix in Verbundwerkstoffen

Magnetoelastic Sensors for the Monitoring of Mechanical Deformations at the Boundary of the Fiber-Matrix in Composite Materials

Year:  2011
Funding:  German Research Foundation
Duration:  2008 - 2011
Is Finished:  yes

The use of this technology offers considerable advantages to component manufacturers and users. A sensor fabrication method based on local vapour deposition and microstructuring using the focused ion beam (FlB) technique is to be developed. It is to be refined from the use of fibre bundles with 1000 individual fibres to the use of individual fibres in order to add these individual fibres as sensors to different textile structures. This initially requires the development of a process for the separation of C-fibres over long distances. The implementation and testing of the finished sensors in the composite material represents a complementary task complex. Among other things, decoupling of the sensor from the carrier fiber and its effective coupling to the matrix must be ensured in order to reduce the effects of the sensors on the locally prevailing stress state. Demonstrators should demonstrate the benefits of the material concept.

At the IMPT, the coating process for the production of the functional layers on the single fiber is carried out (see Fig. 1/2). The functional layers are adhesion promoter, magnetostrictive layer, insulator and conductor. Another challenge is the integration of individual functional layers on the single fiber to achieve the layer system as shown in Fig. 3/4. Subsequently, FIB technology is used to develop the manufacturing process for microfine structuring in the form of coils.