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Lichtbasierte Analytik zur Bestimmung der Konzentration von Chlordioxid (LaClO2)

Light-based analytics for the determination of the concentration of chlorine dioxide (LaClO2)

Year:  2017
Date:  01-10-17
Funding:  EFRE (EU)
Duration:  2017 - 2019
Is Finished:  yes

As part of the project "Light-based analytics for the determination of the concentration of chlorine dioxide" (LaClO2), a novel sensor for monitoring the chlorine dioxide content of industrial, process and drinking water is being developed and tested. Compared to conventional sensors used in industry, this sensor does not require a special membrane or additional chemicals for measurement. Instead, the ClO2 content is determined optically, taking advantage of the molecule's ability to absorb light at a specific wavelength. This so-called photometric measurement system, which has been patented by our project partner, thus allows high-resolution pH and temperature-independent and thus resilient detection of the chlorine dioxide concentration. The sensor system thus allows an extremely fast measurement that can detect even the smallest deviations over time.

The influence of the turbidity of the water under investigation and the effects of air bubbles are eliminated by comparison with the measurement of a reference light source and special algorithms.

Furthermore, in addition to its excellent integrability into the existing plant technology and EDP structure, the sensor is characterized by the high broadband capability and compactness of the system. The practical applicability was demonstrated by building and using a prototype in a real system.

The project is supported by the ERDF funds made available to the state of Lower Saxony, a regional development fund set up by the European Union.