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Flexible Mono- und Multilayermikroschleifwerkzeuge für die Ultrapräzisions- und Mikrobearbeitung von duktilen Werkstoffen

Flexible mono- and multi-layer micro-grinding tools for ultra-precision and micro machining of ductile materials

Year:  2017
Date:  08-08-17
Funding:  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Duration:  2017 - 2019
Is Finished:  yes

Thin-film grinding tools have great potential for the production of high surface qualities and for the production of microstructures. The aim of this project is the fundamental investigation and modelling of the relationships between the manufacturing process and the application behavior of the innovative micro grinding tools.

In particular, the technological and economic potential of the lithographically produced tools is to be identified. For ultra-precision and micromachining, mono and multilayer grinding tools are manufactured and characterized. In order to guarantee work piece machining and to show the tool potential, basic tools with defined parameters are manufactured according to the requirement profiles of ultra-precision and micro-machining. Another objective of this project is the characterization of the application behavior of micro grinding tools. The focus is on the analysis of the relationships between the abrasive and support layers as well as the application behavior and the production result. Based on these investigations, the application behavior of the new type of grinding wheel is determined through empirical wear models. This step is necessary in order to optimize the process and the tool itself, because the wear behavior of both the support and the abrasive layer can then be described and specifically controlled. Researching, expanding, and validating the process strategies to control mono- and multilayer grinding tools constitutes another objective. Ideally, the process steps can be adapted to facilitate the production of riblets, using the requirements of conventional riblet production.