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Kooperationsprojekt „Lichtbasierte Analytik zur Bestimmung der Konzentration von Chlordioxid“ (LAClO2)

Collaborative project "Light-based analytics for the quantitative determination of chlorine dioxide" (LAClO2)

Year:  2015
Date:  08-01-17
Duration:  2015 - 2017
Is Finished:  yes

The goal of this cooperation project is the realization of an innovative sensor that can determine the concentration of chlorine dioxide using direct photometric analysis.


Dr. Küke GmbH (DrK) cooperates with the Institute for Micro Production Technology (IMPT) at the Leibniz University Hannover. The main task is to transfer the known photometric principles into a small, powerful sensor. It should cover a wide range of applications due to its structural properties. The sensor is developed to eventually be used in commercial applications, for example in drinking water plants, monitoring the treatment of service-, process- and drinking-water. Respective adaption offers the possibility that the sensors can replace current methods as an in-line system. Furthermore, the sensor should measure pH value and temperature independently, which is an advantage over non-photometric methods. The miniaturization of an optical sensor system combines the advantages of photometry with the possibilities of integration of an in-line control system. Upon completion of the project, the costs for these sensors will be evaluated, making them interesting for additional areas of application.