Year:  2014
Funding:  Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Duration:  2013-2016
Is Finished:  yes


The aim of the Brandi project is the research and investigation of a very sensitive multi-sensor system for "early fire detection with a novel ion-mobility spectrometer with non-radioactive source to improve safety". For the planned implementation of the overall project, a microelectron source (MEQ) is the most important component to replace the previous radioactive ionization sources. On the one hand, this has technical advantages and, on the other hand, the risk to the population or the environment from radioactivity must be ruled out. In the subproject, the IMPT is researching an assembly and connection technology (AVT) with which the two housing halves of the MEQ are connected. Another challenge is the production of an electron-transparent membrane, whose carrier must also be connected to the housing. The AVT must provide a vacuum-tight connection between these three components so that the MEQ can function stably and the necessary vacuum is maintained. In addition, the partial components inside the housing (emitter, acceleration grid) must be electrically controlled from the outside.