Directory of the Institute of Micro Production Technology

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Executive Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Jürgen Maier
 Hans Jürgen Maier  Hans Jürgen Maier

Senior Engineers

Folke Dencker, M. Sc.
 Folke Dencker  Folke Dencker © IMPT / Fischer

External Assistant Lecturers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Wurz
 Marc Wurz  Marc Wurz © IMPT / Fischer


 Birgitt Schmidt  Birgitt Schmidt © IMPT / Fischer

Quantum Technology


Alexander Kassner, M. Sc.
 Alexander Kassner  Alexander Kassner © IMPT / Fischer

Research Staff

Robin Basten, M. Sc.
 Robin Basten  Robin Basten © IMPT / Fischer
Leonard Diekmann, M. Sc.
 Leonard Diekmann  Leonard Diekmann © IMPT / Fischer
Anatoly Glukhovskoy, M. Sc.
 Anatoly Glukhovskoy  Anatoly Glukhovskoy © IMPT / Fischer
Lauritz Keinert, M. Sc.
 Lauritz Keinert  Lauritz Keinert © IMPT / Fischer
Jannik Koch, M. Sc.
 Jannik Koch  Jannik Koch © IMPT / Fischer
Christoph Künzler, M. Sc.
 Christoph Künzler  Christoph Künzler © IMPT / Fischer
Aleksandra Zawacka, M. Sc.
 Aleksandra Zawacka  Aleksandra Zawacka © IMPT / Fischer
Sascha de Wall, M. Sc.
 Sascha de Wall  Sascha de Wall © IMPT / Fischer

Industrial Sensor Technology


Rico Ottermann, M. Sc.
 Rico Ottermann  Rico Ottermann © IMPT / Fischer

Research Staff

Matthias Arndt, M. Sc.
 Matthias Arndt  Matthias Arndt © IMPT / Fischer
Steffen Hadeler, M. Sc.
 Steffen Hadeler  Steffen Hadeler © IMPT / Fischer
Sara Kamrani, M. Sc.
 Sara Kamrani  Sara Kamrani © IMPT / Fischer
Selina Raumel, M. Sc.
 Selina Raumel  Selina Raumel © IMPT / Fischer
Lukas Steinhoff, M. Sc.
 Lukas Steinhoff  Lukas Steinhoff © IMPT / Fischer
Tobias Steppeler, M. Sc.
 Tobias Steppeler  Tobias Steppeler © IMPT / Fischer

Magnetic and Biomedical Applications


Dipl.-Ing. Eike Fischer
 Eike Fischer  Eike Fischer © IMPT / Fischer
Maren Prediger, M. Sc.
 Maren Prediger  Maren Prediger © IMPT / Fischer

Research Staff

 Tim Bierwirth  Tim Bierwirth © IMPT / Fischer
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Klaas
 Daniel Klaas  Daniel Klaas © IMPT / Fischer
Eileen Müller, M. Sc.
 Eileen Müller  Eileen Müller © IMPT / Fischer

Administrative/Technical Staff

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Becker
 Jürgen Becker  Jürgen Becker © IMPT / Fischer
 Hilmar Beyrodt  Hilmar Beyrodt © IMPT / Fischer
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Veronika Gladilova
 Veronika Gladilova  Veronika Gladilova © IMPT / Fischer
 Jasmin Görs  Jasmin Görs © IMPT / Fischer
 Dörthe Leifheit  Dörthe Leifheit © IMPT / Fischer
Heinz-Michael Weber
 Heinz-Michael Weber  Heinz-Michael Weber © IMPT / Fischer


 Felix Franzen  Felix Franzen © IMPT / Fischer
Non-public person
Non-public person
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