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Trainee Program: Industrial Mechanic


The IMPT offers a dual three-and-a-half years trainee program for the formal qualification of an industrial mechanic. Besides theoretical knowledge taught in block school, the program aims to impart practical skills pertaining to manual and mechanical manufacturing.

The first basic training focuses on manual processes such as filing, graining, bending, marking, rivetting, and reaming. Turning, milling, drilling, and grinding are addressed in the "manufacturing with conventional tooling machines" part of the program. Based on that, an advanced instruction on controlled tooling machines takes place. During the training time, several tools are manufactured by the trainee, for example:

Kettennietausdrücker (Übungsstück)
kombinierte Bohrplatte (Übungsstück)
Funktionsmodell Sterling Motor
Bohrvorrichtung (Übungsstück)
Bohrplatte (Übungsstück)


Practical training takes place at the IMPTs workshop, which holds the following equipment:


  • CNC 3-axis machining center
  • CNC 5-axis machining center
  • drills
  • conventional lathes
  • grinding machine

Sheet metal forming:

  • hand lever sheet metal shears
  • sheet panel shears

Thermal treatments:

  • oxyacetylene and hard soldering torches
  • plastic welding torches


We expect our perspective trainees to have good academic grades in the subjects: mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Additionally, we are looking for a team player with manual dexterity and a sense of order and cleanliness.

Please send your typed application documents to Mr. Weber:


z.Hd. H.-M. Weber

An der Universität 2

30823 Garbsen